turbonave-logo2The company TURBONAVE LTD was established in 1992, with the ex. brand name TURBOMECHANIKI LTD and developed as a turbocharger service and turbocharger spare parts supply leader company in the Greek market.

The company’s creator was Balis Manolis that worked as a chief engineer for 25 years in the biggest shipping companies, giving all his knowledge in his children and technicians in order to continue the successful route.

Our services

TURBONAVE LTD specializes in maintenance, repair and overhauling of all turbocharger types, providing 24 hours services, 7 days per week worldwide and supplies high quality turbocharger and turbocharger spare parts. TURBONAVE is able to serve it’s clients on ship, at dock, at anchor, offshore or at land.

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Staff - training

TURBONAVE provides to the staff continues education in order to always specialized in all the new turbocharger types and technologies, providing the best services to our worldwide customers.


Our company has high technology equipment, in order to respond successfully to customers’ requirements as a complete independent unit.

Our facilities contain the warehouse as well as the workhouse.

The warehouse is full of stock with complete turbocharger units and all types of spare pars. The workhouse is full equipped with all the necessary tools and machines, meaning two different types of balancing (in order to be able to balance all turbocharger/rotor types), sand blasting, digital and analogical torn, radial etc.