Turbocharger overhauling

Turbocharger is a very sensitive equipment and it should be carefully handled.

Turbocharger overhauling has to be carried out according to working hours and to maker’s instructions in order to have warranty it’s safe operation and as a result safe operation on engine.

The typical steps for a Turbo Charger Overhauling procedure are the following:

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TURBONAVE is an ISO 9001:2008 (the new ISO 9001:2000) certificated company since 2001 from Bureau Veritas.

As a result it provides services, turbochargers and spare parts based on ISO standards


Dynamic balancing

Dynamic balancing of rotating elements is an important aspect of the repair of any turbocharger. A rotating element that is out of balance can cause major operational difficulties, which may prevent the timely start up of a facility. Furthermore, the unbalanced element can cause internal damage that will rob a machine of its design efficiency, reduce machine reliability and increase the cost of operation and maintenance or worse.

As a result, dynamic balancing of the rotor has to be carried out always, checking the same time the alignment of the rotor shaft, in order to have normal operation of the turbocharger.



Rebuilding for Turbocharger

Specialized rebuilding of small wear in turbine blades can carried out by special electronic methods by our specialized technicians in to be in their original dimensions and/or shape

The above works covered by turbonave’s comprehensive warranty

Ash blasting

Ash blasting is able to be done to all the parts of the turbocharger from our specialized technician with the latest technology machineries


World wide services

We are able to serve our customers worldwide 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.


Rotor shaft repair

Rotor shaft repair


Recondition of turbocharger spare parts

Recondition of turbocharger spare parts