The spare parts that we provide are only from authorized factories and controls by our quality system based on ISO 9001. We are able to supply any spare part for turbochargers ABB, MAN, MITSUBISHI, HOLSET, NAPIER, KKK, GARRETT, KBB (VTR, MAN, NA, NR, RH, VTC, TPL, TCA etc.).

Complete turbocharger units |
Complete Turbocharger Units

Turbochargers provides multiple advantages such as power increase, reduction of the fuel oil consumption and the thermal loading.

Bearing |

All bearings have passed the necessary quality control, so as to ensure perfect tolerance and operation.

Rotor shaft repair |
Rotor Shaft

A turbocharger uses the waste energy of the engine’s exhaust stream to move the needed air with the help of a rotor.

Impeller |

A compressor impeller is made of aluminum alloy or expensive titanium. The turbocharger’s operation affects the life of the impeller.

Turbine blades |
Turbine Blades

Turbine blades are usually made of nickel chrome alloy or nimonic material, which has good resistance to creep, fatigue and corrosion.

Nozzle ring |
Nozzle Rings / Cover Rings

The nozzle ring is where the energy in the exhaust gas is converted into kinetic energy.

Gas case inlet |

There are my different types of casings that are manufactured from high quality materials.

Service kit products |
Overhauling Kits

An overhauling kit contains all the necessary spare parts, for each turbocharger type.

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