Turbocharger overhauling services | turbonave.gr
Turbocharger Overhauling

Turbochargers are sensitive, thus they should be carefully handled. We follow all the typical steps of a thorough repair.

Welding services | turbonave.gr
Rebuilding of turbine blades

Specialized methods of rebuilding the small damages of turbine blades can restore all damaged turbine in their original shape.

Dynamic balancing services | turbonave.gr
Dynamic Balancing

An out of balance rotating element causes operational difficulties, therefore a dynamic balancing is major for the efficient operation.

Ash blasting services | turbonave.gr
Sand Blasting & Glass Bead Blasting

Sand blasting and glass bead blasting can be performed to every part of the turbocharger with our latest technology machineries.

Rotor shaft repair services | turbonave.gr
Rotor Shaft Repair

Since the rotor shaft repair is a very important part of the turbocharger unit, we prioritize its repair providing dynamic gear.

Recondition of Spare Parts

We have the expertise to recondition all the parts of a turbocharger, so as to reduce the cost of an overall replacement.

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